Sino-German Climate Partnership III

“Biodiversity and Climate Change are intrinsically connected” (Li Shuo)

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Kunming COP15, planned for October but now postponed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, is one of Li Shuo’s priorities for this year, who is a Senior Global Policy Advisor for Greenpeace East Asia. Implementation mechanisms are their main focus, in order to ensure that set targets can be […]

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Low-carbon Day

Jun 19, 2019Jun 25, 2019
Nanchang, Jiangxi

On June 19, Ministry of Ecological Environment and Jiangxi Provincial Government jointly organized the 7th National Low Carbon Day Major Event in Nanchang. The theme of this year’s Low Carbon Day is “Low-Carbon Action, Defending Blue Sky”. On behalf of GIZ, Dr. Alexander Fisher,Program Director for Climate Change Cooperation, Environment, and Climate Friendly Urban Development, […]

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Energy Concepts for the Pilot Cities Dunhuang, Xintai and Jiaxing-Xuizhou – Summary of Important Results

This summary of three city energy concepts concisely presents the findings of a combined Sino-German effort to transfer best practices from Germany to China. The concepts map pathways for each of the three cities on how to use as much clean energy as possible by 2030; which technologies are viable and which measures can accelerate the transition. This summary is available in German, English and Chinese.


Publication on energy concepts and trainings on low-carbon heating

The Sino-German Climate Partnership’s energy component has finalized publications on integrated energy concepts, which were developed by Chinese and German experts for the cities of Dunhuang (Gansu Province), Xintai (Shandong Province) and Jiaxing-Xiuzhou (Zhejiang Province) in the previous project phase. The concepts identified and analyzed each city’s specific geographic characteristics and renewable energy potential and […]

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China and Germany hold International Climate Initiative Workshop

Apr 11, 2019Apr 11, 2019
Beijing, China

11 April 2019 – Beijing – On the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Sino-German Climate Partnership, experts from Chinese and German government ministries, institutions, and organizations met in Beijing to enable knowledge transfer and exchange on shared challenges, synergies and scaling-up potential of IKI projects.

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Three renewable energy policies under preparation in 2019

Price competition for wind and solar PV will include tenders/auctions and spot power markets. In 2019, China will focus on three major renewable policies, implementing nationwide tenders for subsidized projects, scaling up subsidies for wind and solar PV projects, and facilitating renewable energy in various power markets that are currently under development. Policymakers are now […]

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China’s coal consumption dropped under 60% of the energy mix for the first time

In 2018, coal accounted for 59% of China’s total energy consumption. For the first time, coal has accounted for less than 60% of primary energy mix in China. With this development, China is confident to reach its 13th Five-Year Plan goal of reducing coal to under 58% of total energy consumption in 2020. As the […]

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GIZ and SEEE hold International Workshop on the Construction, Operation, and Supervision of an ETS Trading Platform in China

Mar 12, 2019Mar 14, 2019
Shanghai, China

On the 12th to 14th of March 2019, the GIZ and the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange (SEEE) together with the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) and the European Energy Exchange (EEX) organized a technical workshop to discuss practical aspects of establishing, operating and supervising an emissions trading platform in Shanghai.

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An Overview of the Enhanced Transparency Framework under Paris Agreement and its Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines

This document is compiled to serve the purposes of the Sino-German Climate Partnership project in way of drawing a clear overview of the enhanced transparency framework under Paris Agreement and the specification of modalities, procedures and guidelines (MPGs) for this framework.


SPIPA Workshop and Public Event

Jan 14, 2019Jan 15, 2019
Beijing, China

On January 14th and 15th 2019, a workshop and a public event under the framework of the Project Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA) was organized together with the EU delegation and Tsinghua University in Beijing. During the two day event, the first SPIPA event taking place in China, a delegation […]

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