Nov 25, 2020

China Integrated Waste Management NAMA Project Finished the 2020 Monitoring and Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems and GHG emission reductions in Five Demonstration Cities

Nov 1, 2020 Nov 30, 2020

In November 2020, experts from the China Integrated Waste Management NAMA project investigated the status quo of domestic waste management in the five demonstration cities Bengbu, Lanzhou, Suzhou, Tai’an, and Xi’an. On-site visits and roundtable discussions were carried out to evaluate the cities’ performance. Hereby the key indicators were among others municipal solid waste management policy/regulation, waste management status, operation parameters of facilities, environmental and social impacts, and business model development. Furthermore, the monitoring of the GHG emission reduction from the waste sector of the year 2020 was evaluated. Targeted improvement suggestions were provided.

Besides roundtable exchanges, the research team also visited local waste treatment plants and waste-to-energy facilities, which nestled a comprehensive understanding of the local waste management system, including waste segregation, transportation, recycle and reuse, etc.

Positive feedback from the five demo cities was collected with the common expectations to have more international exposures and knowledge exchanges to evolve municipal solid waste management system in the future.

Representatives from Local Environmental Sanitation Department Exchanges with Experts Invited by IWM NAMA Photo Credit: Taian Huanwei

China Integrated Waste Management NAMA Support Project

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