Dr. Guan Zhi’Ou appointed as new administrator of the Chinese National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NFGA)

Jul 16, 2020

On 15 May, Dr. Guan Zhi’Ou was appointed as the new secretary of the Party Committee of NFGA and National Park Bureau, as well as the Party Committee member of the Ministry of Natural Resources of China (MNR). Dr. Guan replaced Zhang Jianlong as the administrator of NFGA on 8 June.

The last institutional restructuring of China’s State Council in March 2018 saw the creation of the NFGA alongside the abolishment of the former State Forestry Administration (SFA). As a vice-ministerial level authority, the NFGA is under supervision of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The NFGA received a mandate for the supervision of the protection and restoration of forests, grassland and ecology, which facilitates overarching governance and management of all nature-based resources including forests, grassland, desert and wetland.

Born in 1969, the new administrator has extensive work experience in local and provincial governments as part of the Municipal Planning Committee of Shenyang, Liaoning and the deputy mayor of Shenyang, Liaoning, and in party committees as a member of the Standing Party Committee of Liaoning and Shandong. Moreover, with a doctorate in ecology, Dr Guan has strong professional background in natural resource and ecology management. Having achieved the world’s greatest increase in afforestation and reforestation through decades-long efforts, China’s forestry development now needs to improve its ecological quality. This would also show that China wants to integrate natural resources into a more holistic system of ecology, this being an essential step in realizing the implementation of Xi Jinping’s Thought of Ecological Civilization.

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Forest Policy Facility

Project country
Political Partners
German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL); National Forestry and Grassland Administration of the People's Republic of China
Implementation Partners
Forestry Economic and Development Research Center of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration of the People's Republic of China
11/2018 - 10/2021

China is the world's biggest wood trading & processing country. Since decades, China has been investing heavily in the setup of forest plantations. No country is planting more forest than China. However, based on historical develpments the average standing stock in Chinese forests remains low at an average of about 90 m3/ha (German forest 350 m3/ha); Yet rehabilitation of forest requires silviculture knowledge. To enable knowledge-transfer to increase Chinese forestry expertise and to improve forestry in China (both in enlarging the forested areas and increasing standing stocks), the National Forestry & Grassland Administration (NFGA, the former State Forestry Administration/SFA) is collaborating since 1982 rather intensely with Germany, that is practing sustainable forestry since a good 300 years. During the past three decades, BMZ funded 60 M EUR (15 forest-related projects) and KfW provided 53 loans for afforestation and forestry related projects with a total loan amount of EUR 391 M. This resulted in positive inputs from Germany to Chinese forestry. To intensify the existening cooperation between China and Germany in agricultural incl. forestry, German Chancollar Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang initiated in 2014 (in the 'Joint Decleration') the German-Chinese Agricultural Center (DCZ), of which forest cooperation a part of the center. In 2015, BMEL and MARA (the former MoF) jointly established the DCZ. In 2016, BMEL and NFGA launched the pilot phase of Forest Policy Facility (FPF) project. In November 2018, FPF started its I. phase (11. 2018 to 10. 2021) of a bilateral cooperation. Objective of the project is: the Sino-German forestry cooperation facilitates sustainable and multifunctional forest management in China. Through by demonstration of best pratices in pilot site(s), capacity building, joint studies, workshop & training and policy recommendations the project approaches the project objective.