Mar 17, 2021

SGCCC-NDCI Project Organized First Workshop on Cement Sector Mitigation

Mar 11, 2021

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

On March 11, the SGCCC-NDCI project organized a workshop on Low Carbon Development of the Cement Sector. This is the first project activity after the project’s 2021 work plan has been officially approved by the Steering Committee.

During the workshop, experts from the German implementation partners presented EU level policies on energy and climate, current mitigation technologies and long-term innovative technical pathways for the cement sector. Experts from the Chinese implementation partners presented the status of the Chinese cement industry and possible long-term decarbonization pathways.

It was estimated that emissions from the cement sector account for 13.5% of China’s annual carbon emissions. The Chinese cement output accounts for 56% of the global output. Therefore, reducing emissions from the cement sector is crucial for achieving the targets of the Paris Agreement. During the workshop, Chinese experts pointed out that China’s cement industry is shaped by three targets:

  1. Energy efficiency and alternative materials: Applying intelligent and delicate management to improve energy efficiency and promote clinker substitute materials which can achieve carbon emission reductions in the short-term.
  2. Less consumption: By using high strength grade concrete, reducing waste and extending the service life of buildings, consumption of cement will be reduced leading to reduced production and in turn reduced emissions.
  3. Low carbon technology: Alternative fuels, natural gas mixed hydrogen and CCS are all potential technologies for a decarbonization of the cement sector.

During the workshop, experts from both sides also had a productive technical exchange and established foundations for further cooperation.

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