Jun 11, 2020

Training for Garbage Sorting in Xi’an

Jun 11, 2020 Jun 11, 2020

At the beginning of June, the team of China IWM NSP was invited to the city of Xi’an to conduct a training on waste segregation at source and to have discussions with local authorities regarding the strategic development of Xi’an’s municipal solid waste management (MSWM).

The training on waste segregation conducted by Ms. HOU Jingyue, technical advisor of the project, was attended by almost 250 ‘garbage sorting instructors’ representing various municipal communities. Participants engaged in group discussions, scenario simulations and other interactive activities to resolve key issues that occur in the process of waste segregation.

The other meetings attended by the China IWM NSP team were of a smaller scale but of a comparable impact, as the plan for conducting life cycle assessment (LCA) for waste management was clarified and important consultations were held for establishing an Environmental Education Center (EEC).

Training for waste sorting inspectors. ©China IWM NSP

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