Supporting the Low Carbon Development of Jiangsu Province Phase III

Symposium on Sustainable Industrial Area – Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality in Industrial Parks

Mar 26, 2021

In the context of the ambitious targets of “reaching the peak of China’s Carbon (CO2) emissions before the year 2030” and “reach carbon neutrality in China in 2060” which was announced by China’s President Xi Jinping during the General Debate of the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly, and in order to meet the […]

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Kick-off meeting: Support CUMT SDC2021 competition team with Plus Energy technology

Mar 19, 2021

GIZ Jiangsu project and representatives from the Solar Decathlon China (SDC) 2021 team of China University of Mining Technology (CUMT) held a kick-off meeting with Energy Design Shanghai Co., Ltd. (EDS) to discuss the latter’s  technical support to the competition team in Nanjing on March 19. Project director Ms. Hu Qiying, technical consultant Mr. Hu […]

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Road Show for The Plus Energy Building and Community Research

Feb 3, 2021

On February 3, 2021, the GIZ Jiangsu project held together with CABR (China Academy of Building Research) a virtual road show for the Plus Energy Building and Community Research. The event was conducted via a video conferencing tool and aimed at promoting study results and exchange information with a professional audience. 68 participants from relevant […]

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The Fashion Industry Green Forum & CbD 2020 Award Ceremony

Nov 17, 2020

On November 17, 2020, with the support from GIZ, Aii hosted the Fashion Industry Green Forum & 2020 CbD Award Ceremony. It was the first time that the CbD award event was held online. There were 71 attendees in total, including 37 representatives from 23 suppliers (manufacturers, traders), 22 representatives from 12 global brands and […]

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Curriculum of Climate Change Education on Primary and Secondary Schools

This curriculum was developed based on Germany’s experiences in climate change and social practice activities for primary and secondary school students. The curriculum contents will systematically sort out and introduce the basic knowledge of climate change and the actions and measures to cope with climate change, including the mechanism of climate change, climate change impact and extreme climate events, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, climate change, and daily life, etc. The curriculum also suggested social practice activities based on Germany’s experience.


2020 Yangtze Delta Energy High-Quality Development Forum

Nov 27, 2020

On November 27th, 2020, the 2020 Yangtze Delta Energy High-Quality Development Forum was launched in the city of Nantong, Jiangsu Province. The Forum was hosted by Jiangsu Strategy and Development Research Center, Jiangsu Engineering Consulting Center, Jiangsu Energy Academy. The GIZ Jiangsu Project sponsored the forum. On the session of Clean and Low Carbon Energy […]

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Research Report on the Effect of Total Energy Consumption Control on Transformation and Upgrading and Related Measures

The Jiangsu Engineering Consulting Center has concluded a thematic study on the “Effect of Total Energy Consumption Control on Transformation and Upgrading and Related Measures”. Thus far, the consultant has worked out four reports which are currently only available in Chinese: “Effect of total energy consumption control on economic and social transformation and upgrading”; “Retrospective analysis and forecast of energy consumption in Jiangsu Province”; “Research on the primary task of Jiangsu Province in total energy consumption control”; “Research on the policy system of Jiangsu Province in total energy consumption control”. Furthermore, key measures for total energy consumption control, such as policy and economic requirements, have been introduced throughout the thematic study. According to the study speeding up the transformation of the economic development model has become the main task in the next ten years. In Chinese Only

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