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碳排放权交易体系中德技术交流研讨会-监测、报告和核查 (MRV)线上举办

    On 27 March 2023, GIZ and NCSC jointly held the “Technical Workshop on MRV in the Emissions Trading Systems” online. This workshop focused on the administrative framework and technical guidance of MRV of GHG emissions data of China’s national ETS and the EU ETS. Experts from both German and Chinese sides were invited to introduce and share the practices and experiences in related fields, so as to further strengthening bilateral understanding and providing a good reference to the data quality management of the China’s national ETS.

Photo source: GIZ China

    At the opening session, Mr. Liu Wenbo, from DCC of MEE, and Mr. Ma Aiming, from NCSC, represented the Chinese side; Mr. Christoph Kühleis, from the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) of the UBA, and Mr. Kristian Wilkening, GIZ, represented the Germany side. They gave an opening speech to introduce the meeting’s background and focus topics.

    First, the workshop focused on the administrative framework of MRV systems, exchanged on the EU ETS and China National ETS, especially regarding the emissions data quality management mechanism. The second session introduced the MRV guidelines with a focus on the power generation sector from both the EU ETS and the China’s ETS and exchanged experiences. The workshop concluded with a technical exchange based on the presentations in Sessions 1 and 2 and a prepared questions list.


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