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Discussion of interim work results of paper on the German energy statistics system

Exchange between ERI experts and Mr. Hans-Joachim Ziesing on the German energy statistics system. Copyright by GIZ.

On 18 October 2019, Mr Hans-Joachim Ziesing met with experts of the Energy Research Institute (ERI) to discuss the interim results of a paper on the German energy statistics system. The project commissioned the paper because the topic is of great interest for the National Energy Administration (NEA).

The paper covers diverse aspects such as data sources, the process of compiling, calculating and estimating figures, the legal and regulatory basis for trading, the integration of local and national data, the actors involved and the composition of the Energy Balances Working Group (AG Energiebilanzen), which is responsible for producing the statistics. Mr Ziesing headed the Energy Balances Working Group for 25 years and is therefore one of the foremost experts on Germany’s energy statistics system. During the exchange, Mr Ziesing presented the preliminary results, already comprising a large share of the final contents. The ERI experts asked Mr Ziesing several questions regarding technical details and also suggested smaller additions to the content matter.

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