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Annual Report on First-Year Operation of Shenzhen ETS

March 2015 – On 18th June 2013 Shenzhen officially launched its local Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the first among the seven pilots. By mid-2014, the Shenzhen carbon market had operated for one year and had successfully completed its first compliance period. Shenzhen has played a leading role in China’s economic reform and opening up. In the context of further deepening reforms, Shenzhen is actively seeking to take a leading role in the development of an ‘ecological civilization’, and also puts a great deal of emphasis on the establishment of its emissions trading pilot scheme. In this regard Shenzhen incorporates an open and innovative attitude, providing guidance for the development of China’s carbon market. Hereof Shenzhen has won widespread praise.

Together with the Shenzhen DRC and local partners like the Shenzhen Research Center for Urban Development and the Shenzhen China Emissions Exchange, the report was published in March 2015. It provides a summary of the past one-year operational experience of the Shenzhen carbon market and identifies deficiencies and gaps, explores strategies and measures to improve the market. Thus, it offers important analysis and suggestions to enhance the performance of the Shenzhen ETS. The report provides a detailed review of the first year operational experience of the Shenzhen carbon market, and draws conclusions about the Shenzhen ETS performance from distinct perspectives. It covers key components of the Shenzhen ETS, operational performance (including compliance results, enterprise growth, and trading performance), as well as policy recommendations on the improvement of the Shenzhen ETS.

In addition the report provides five case studies of typical regulated companies regarding the stakeholder’s expectations and experiences with the local ETS. Best practices are highlighted to provide a reference for other regulated companies. Furthermore it provides policy options.

The report was reviewed by international experts like Dr. Felix Chr. Matthes from the German Ökoinstitut und Dr. Hans-Joachim Ziesing in order to provide recommendations for further steps.

For further information and to download the entire report please click here.

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