Sino-German Cooperation
on Biodiversity, Climate and Environment
On behalf of International Climate Initiative (IKI)

Bilateral Exchange between German Embassy and Jiangsu Department for Ecology and Environment

Following the internal exchange between GIZ Jiangsu Project and the German Embassy beginning of August, GIZ Jiangsu Project arranged an official bilateral online meeting for representatives of the German Embassy with Jiangsu Department for Ecology and Environment (JDEE) on August 18, 2020.

Firstly, Ms. Wang Hua, Division Chief of JDEE, discussed best practices in Jiangsu Province, including the latest progress in controlling and reducing GHG emissions.

During the online exchange, the following topics were discussed:

  • Implementation of climate policy in China;
  • Experience regarding the urban energy transition away from fossil fuels;
  • Status and prospect of the coal phase-out for the Jiangsu province;
  • Three phases of the Sino-German low carbon development project;
  • Approaches to best transfer best practice examples gathered by the Jiangsu project to other provinces in China; and
  • Approaches regarding international experience in the project content by engaging more international experts and partners.

A follow-up physical meeting in Nanjing has been agreed on, which shall take place in 2021.

More project related activities

Planning Workshop on Dual-Carbon Piloting School

During a planning workshop on the Dual-Carbon Piloting School for Jiangsu Province, held on 04 March, it was jointly agreed to initiate the development of dual-carbon piloting school standards and a low carbon and environment protection curriculum and piloting for preschool education.

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Preparation Seminar of “Nanjing Carbon Neutral Building Research Center”

On 25 February, a brainstorm seminar on the establishment of the Nanjing Carbon Neutral Building Research Center took place. The proposed research center is authorized by the Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau and will be established by the Nanjing Second Architectural Design Institute. Relevant experts from research institutes, universities and enterprises, as well as from the Jiangsu Project participated in the seminar to make suggestions for the establishment and development of the research center.

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