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China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment Released 2023 Climate Action Report

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) has released its annual report on climate action in October 2023, detailing China’s policies and actions in addressing climate change. The report, titled “China’s Policies and Actions to Address Climate Change”, provides an overview of China’s recent initiatives and strategies in environmental management and sustainability.


Carbon Emission Reductions

The 2023 report notes a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in China. According to the report, carbon emissions per unit of GDP have been reduced by over 51 % compared to 2005 levels by 2022. This change reflects China’s ongoing efforts to integrate environmental considerations into its economic development.


Renewable Energy and Forestation

The report also highlights China’s progress in renewable energy and forestation. By the end of 2022, non-fossil fuel energy consumption constituted 17.5 % of total energy usage, and the total installed capacity of renewable energy reached 1.213 TW. The national forest coverage rate was reported at 24.02 % in 2021.


Green Transportation and Carbon Market Developments

In transportation, China has seen an increase in new energy vehicles, with a total of over 16.2 million on the road, which is a significant portion of the global total. The country’s national carbon market has also been developing, with the cumulative trading volume of carbon emission allowances reaching 238 million tons, amounting to a total value of CYN 10.9 billion by mid-2023.


Policy Framework and Industrial Transformation

The report describes China’s “1+N” carbon peaking and neutrality policy system and its impact on various sectors. There has been an increase in the value added by high-tech manufacturing industries, reflecting a shift towards more sustainable industrial practices.


International Climate Cooperation and COP28

The report also addresses China’s engagement in international climate change efforts, including South-South cooperation, with numerous agreements signed with developing countries. With an eye on the 28th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 28), it expressed China’s support for the UAE as the host and emphasised the importance of implementation. It also conveyed China’s hopes that the Global Stocktake would drive focused action and strengthened cooperation. Finally, the report urged “developed countries” to fulfil their climate finance commitments and called for decisions on a Global Goal on Adaptation framework and a financial mechanism for Loss and Damage.

Since 2008, China has released annual reports on its climate change policies and actions. These reports serve to inform both domestic and international audiences about China’s approach to addressing climate change.

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