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Emission Trading Dialogue for Guangdong Industrial Enterprises

27 February-1 March 2013 – Emissions Trading Scheme is fairly a new concept in China and Guangdong is expected to be among the first provinces to launch such a program. The provincial government and industrial enterprises may face challenges at multiple fronts as they strive for a smooth and effective implementation of the pilot ETS. These challenges include baseline emissions; Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV); training for enterprises; communication; security; and carbon asset management. Through continued and frequent knowledge exchange, these challenges may be overcome thus paving way for a broader implementation of the ETS in the medium to long term.



Compared with other pilot regions, Guangdong is unique, as it is home to a fairly large number of big industrial emitting enterprises. From the perspective of implementing a carbon emissions trading system, the province urgently needs to do more preparatory, educational and training work to improve industrial emitting enterprises’ ability, skills and experience to understand and participate in the carbon emissions trading system. The opportunity will help them to take part in the various workflows of the carbon emissions trading system in a better, faster and more cost-effective way, secure their active involvement, rights and interests and ensure the smooth implementation of the carbon emissions trading system. The 4-day workshop brought together provincial authorities with key industrial players and experts.



The main objectives of the dialogue were the following:

Improve the understanding and knowledge of Guangdong industrial emitters on the role and function of carbon emissions trading scheme
Enhance the ability and skills of Guangdong industrial emitters to participate in Guangdong ETS
Assist the competent authorities in Guangdong to find out how to prepare and develop procedures for participation by industrial emitters of GD-ETS, and to gather their opinions as well

The workshop covered a broad range of topics related to emissions trading, such as allowance allocation, determining benchmarks, the calculation of allowances, MRV, financial products and trading, GHG auditing and verification, data quality and quality control, IT tools as well as mitigation measures.

Experts invited by GIZ:
Dr. Lutz von Meyerinck, Meyerinck Consultants and Member of the multi-stakeholder working group (AGE) to develop Emissions Trading Systems in Germany and the EU
Dr. Hans-Joachim Ziesing, Senior Policy Advisor, Ecologic Institute and Member of the Government’s independent Expert Commission to monitor Germany’s Energy Transition (‘Energiewende’).

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