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Expert Review Meeting for Technical Proposal of Plus Energy Building

On 5 August, the GIZ Jiangsu project entrusted Energy Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (EDS) to organize an online meeting designated to review expert opinions on a technical proposal for plus energy building.

Photo Credit: GIZ China

In March, the GIZ Jiangsu project commissioned EDS to provide a plus energy technology solution for the Solar Decathlon 2021 project of the China University of Mining Technology. According to the requirements of the contract, the expert review meeting will be held after EDS has submitted the final technical plan. The meeting was attended by Ms HU Qiying, director of the GIZ Jiangsu project, Mr HU Ning, technical consultant, Dr ZHOU Yanping, general manager of EDS, and Professor CHEN Ning from the China University of Mining Technology. The meeting invited Director Chen Xi from China Academy of Building Research, Dr. Zhu Panyu from Synavision GmbH Germany, Professor Huang Fu from the University of Electric Power and Dr. Zhai Hui from Carrier (Shanghai) R&D Center as review experts.

After Dr ZHOU Yanping introduced the technology plan, relevant opinions and suggestions were voiced by the invited experts. The experts also discussed technical issues, mainly focusing on the determination of cooling and heating systems within the buildings, as well as on the characteristics of the construction process necessary to deliver on the theoretical energy production rate.

According to the definition of the “GIZ Capacity Building and Capacity Community Research Report”, constructions with energy production exceeding 10% of the total energy consumption can be identified as a plus energy building. The experts and project parties were optimistic that this plus energy target is achievable.

The attendees also discussed the corresponding measures to be taken during the construction phase in September in response to the current epidemic situation in order to ensure the final implementation of the project.

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