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Preparation Seminar of “Nanjing Carbon Neutral Building Research Center”

On 25 February 2022, Mr. Hu Ning, technical advisor of the GIZ Jiangsu Low-carbon Development Project, participated in a brainstorm seminar on the establishment of the Nanjing Carbon Neutral Building Research Center.

This Research Center is authorized by the Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau and will be established by the Nanjing Second Architectural Design Institute. Relevant experts from research institutes, universities and enterprises participated in the seminar to make suggestions for the establishment and development of the research center.

On behalf of the GIZ Jiangsu project, Mr. Hu Ning put forward the following suggestions: 1. Strengthen the horizontal connection with research institutions and universities related to low-carbon buildings, participate in joint research projects in the early stage of establishment; 2. Combine research and practical projects, the starting point of the research comes from the problems and challenges in the project practice, and the research results are verified in the project; 3. Focus on specific research, such as the diversification of renewable energy utilization in the building area, the deepening of the use of BIPV on building facades; 4. Actively participate in policy research and provide data and reference for decision makers; 5. Establish demonstration projects, expand international cooperation, build practice bases, and promote the combination of production, education and research; 6. In a later stage, conduct commissioned research.

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Extension of Jiangsu Project Phase III

The “Supporting the Low Carbon Development of Jiangsu Province Phase III” project has been extended on a cost neutral basis to 30 April 2023 to finalise all indicators for achieving its overall goal. The extension application was approved officially by BMWK on 1 February 2023.

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