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Training on Carbon Trading for Shenzhen Emissions Exchange

09-13 December 2013 – “By providing a platform for information sharing and experience exchange, the workshop helped to inspire our daily work.” – Participant

The Shenzhen ETS is still in its initial market phase, so there are still a lot lessons to be learnt. In order to avoid problems already encountered in other carbon markets, two experts from the European Energy Exchange (EEX) were invited to share their experiences in carbon trading with employees from Shenzhen Emissions Exchange (CEX).


Mr. Ekkehard Will, Senior Expert and authorized Trainer, and Mr. Manuel Möller, Emissions Markets Expert, first introduced the participants to the EEX and its organizational structure and then focused on addressing the most urgent questions raised by CEX. These questions focused on EEX’s technical experiences in activating the market, trading products, action platform, management challenges, and more.

Participants felt that the training proved to be very useful for their future work and the current situation of Shenzhen ETS. The experts’ professional way of providing insights especially into the early stages of carbon trading in Europe was highly valued:

“I learned that (…) our trading system needs to evolve to adapt to prospective changes.”
“All the contents, e.g. EEX’s organizational framework, development experiences as well as lessons learnt, are satisfactory, because they can be very useful for our current situation.” – Participants

The Shenzhen Emissions Exchange has already raised a strong interest in further cooperation and information exchange with the EEX. Participants felt that Shenzhen’s CEX shares the same conditions with the early stages of the EEX, therefore believing that it is helpful to learn from EEX’s previous development. In terms of topics, participants showed a strong further interest in market development, new products, derivatives and futures, supervision as well as risk management.

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