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China 2021 Central Economic Work Conference (CEWC) sets the tone to encourage renewable energy

China’s 2021 Central Economic Work Conference (CEWC), the most authoritative wind vane for assessing China’s current economic status and guiding macroeconomic policies for the next year, took place on 8-10 December.

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Key energy and climate-related aspects brought up at the conference are:

  • The gradual phasing-out of conventional energy should be based on the secure and reliable substitution of new energy.
  • Coal remains the major energy resource in China. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the efficient use of clean coal, increase renewable energy integration and consumption, and promote the synergy of coal and renewable energy.
  • Incremental renewable energy consumption will not be counted in the total energy consumption control.
  • It is necessary to shift promptly from the dual control (total and intensity) on energy consumption to the dual control on carbon emissions.
  • Ensure energy supply with stabilized price. 
  • Promote energy transition revolution.

That incremental renewable energy will not be counted in the total energy consumption control sends a strong signal and encourages the development of renewable energy and the promotion of renewable energy integration to the grid.

Additionally, the proposed rapid shift from the dual control from energy consumption to the dual control of total carbon emissions and intensity is also an efficient synergy solution for energy and environment issues from the perspective of carbon emissions.

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