11 February 2018 – The CBEEX published its annual market report for the Beijing pilot ETS. According to the report, 7.53 million tons of allowances have been traded in 2017 with a value of CNY 0.236 billion. Among it, 2.47 million tons were traded at the exchange with a value of CNY 123 million; 5.05 million tons were traded OTC with a value of CNY 113 billion. This means a 3.48% increase of allowances traded with a 0.03% increase in value compared to 2016 values. Exchange trading and OTC trading increased by 0.35% and 5.09%.
The Beijing Government Report, which was announced by the mayor of Beijing, Chen Jining, in the end of January already stated that the CO2 emissions per unit GDP had decreased by 28.2% since the launch of the Beijing pilot ETS five years ago.

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