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China continues to enhance its regulatory framework in waste management

In June, an amendment to the Law on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste was submitted to the legislators. When adopted, the measure will oblige local governments to develop and implement waste sorting to ensure more environmentally-friendly waste management. Read more in EN

Shanghai’s new mandatory domestic waste-sorting regulations took into effect on July 1. The regulation, which was voted on and passed by city legislators in January, requires every household and institution to sort their trash into four categories – recyclables, kitchen waste, hazardous waste and residual waste. A fine of 200 yuan (approx. 26,5 EUR) will be imposed on individuals who do not comply. For errant companies, the fine can rise to as high as 50000 yuan (approx. 6670 EUR). Read more in CN

President Xi Jinping has emphasized the importance of the good habit of waste classification, placing it at the core of the environmental action, and green and sustainable development. President Xi called on expansion of education and awareness-raising activities on the topic. Read more in EN

The MoHURD has announced that additional 21,3 billion yuan (approx. 2,8 million EUR) will be invested in 46 cities piloting waste classification and treatment/disposal system program to build more facilities for environmentally-sound waste treatment. Read more in EN

After the bold move implemented by Shanghai, Beijing is expected to follow the call. Revision of the current regulations is included in the city’s legislation plan for the 2018-20 period and, according to the local authorities, will mean significant changes in city’s waste management mechanism. Read more in EN

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