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China to Establish Ecological Product Value-realization Mechanism

Amid its environmental protection and green development efforts, on 26 April 2021, the General Offices of the Central Committee and the State Council jointly issued a guideline on setting up and improving the mechanism for realizing the value of ecological products. According to the guideline, the main objective is to establish a basic policy framework which governs value realization of the products by 2025. Problems related to measuring, mortgages, transactions, and value realization of ecological products shall be effectively solved by 2025, and an interest-oriented mechanism for environmental protection will take a basic shape. A sound mechanism for realizing the value of the products will be formed by 2035 so that green production and a sustainable way of life may take hold in the country.

Furthermore, both government bodies plan to establish an ecological product survey and product value assessment mechanism. This will be supplemented by ecological product value accounting standards and the promotion of their application. These measures are intended to spur the trading of rights and interests related to ecological resources. Moreover, the ecological product protection compensation scheme is planned to be improved and fine-tuned.

Finally, the guideline also stressed more support for green finance, encouraging banks to increase medium- and long-term loan support for entities managing or developing ecological products and reduce financing costs reasonably.

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Accelerating the Establishment of a Waste Recycling System

The General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment of a Waste Recycling System on 6 February 2024, which emphasize the importance of resource recycling and reuse.  In this new policy, more quantitative targets are proposed, which provide clear indicators of policy implementation effectiveness. The new Opinions also expand the scope of waste categories to encompass agricultural waste and bulk solid waste, propose additional pathways for resource utilization and introduce the idea of ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’. In addition, the Opinions propose to integrate other countries’ relevant regulations and standards.

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Official announcement on CBD COP 15

Host country China and the Secretariat of the CBD announced dates for the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity to be convened in two parts in Kunming, China.

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