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China’s ETS is expected to include more sectors after 2023

After Prof. ZHANG Xiliang predicted in April that the national ETS would cover more sectors in 2023, various media houses collected opinions from experts on the future development of the ETS in May.

Considering current challenges, the national ETS is not expected to expand until 2023 at the earliest, with cement and aluminium expected to be the first sectors.

Photo Credit: Pixabay, JuergenPM

Due to problems with the quality of emissions data revealed last year, the inclusion which was previously expected during the course of 2022 will be delayed for one to two years. Recently, various sources reported that the evaluation of the quality of emissions data from power companies in the first two years had not yet been completed and that other industries encountered problems in accurately collecting carbon emission data.

The MEE announced that it will refine the emission data collection methods and guidelines for the energy sector and use the experience gained for the other sectors.

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