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Final approval status meeting held for research results of “Plus Energy Building and Community Research”

Photo Credit: GIZ

On November 7th, 2020, the final approval status meeting for the GIZ Project “Plus Energy Building and Community Development Research” was held in Shanghai. Ms. Hu Qiying, director of Jiangsu Low-Carbon Development Project, Mr. Hu Ning, technical advisor, and Mr. Liu Tong, director of the Sino-German Urbanization Partnership Project attended the meeting.
The approval status group consists of Mr. Xu Jinfeng, a professor-level senior engineer from Jiangsu Academy of Building Research, Mr. Fan Hongwu, a professor-level senior engineer from Shanghai Academy of Building Research, Ms. Qu Yan, deputy director of the Science and Technology Innovation Center of Huadong Construction Group, and Mr. Cui Guoyou, President of Henan Wufang Construction Group, Dr. Suxing, associate professor of Tongji University.

Researcher Zhang Shicong of the China Academy of Building Research, Division Director Peng Mengyue, Director of the Sub-project, and Professor Chen Zhenqian of Southeast University respectively reported on the research content and research results of the definition, technical indicators, and industrial development of capacity buildings and capacity communities. The participating experts combined the project research to conduct an in-depth discussion with the recent industry development

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The “Supporting the Low Carbon Development of Jiangsu Province Phase III” project has been extended on a cost neutral basis to 30 April 2023 to finalise all indicators for achieving its overall goal. The extension application was approved officially by BMWK on 1 February 2023.

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