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GIZ Training Course: Climate Protection Planning and Management-Cities Addressing Climate Change

On November 17th, 2020, the first class of the training course “Climate Protection Planning Management-Urban Response to Climate Change” was held at the Nanjing Tech University (NTU). This training was commissioned by the GIZ Project “Support Jiangsu Low-Carbon Development” to be developed by the School of Urban Planning, NTU. The first class was taught by Professor Zhu Longbin from the School of Urban Planning. The course was attended by 54 fifth-year undergraduates majoring in urban design. Mr. Hu Ning, the technical advisor of the GIZ Jiangsu project, participated in the class and introduced the background, project content, and objectives of the GIZ Jiangsu project, as well as the process and purpose of the establishment of this training.
The purpose of this training course is to enhance the awareness of urban planning and management personnel to deal with climate change, master the basic knowledge and skills of climate protection, and be able to implement and apply climate protection concepts and technologies in their actual work as climate protection managers. If urban planning students can integrate the knowledge and concepts of climate change and protection into their college planning project, it will surely lay a solid foundation for future work.

The first class consisted of two parts; climate protection and urban planning and management and from building energy efficiency to plus energy urban areas. The subsequent classes include low-carbon transportation, resilient cities, low-carbon economy, and integrated energy system in industrial parks. With the launch of this training course at NTU, the GIZ Jiangsu project will also promote this training course among professionals from urban planning government departments, HURD systems, and planning and design institutions together with Chinese partners.

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