Climate Cooperation China
On behalf of the International Climate Initiative (IKI)

International Expert Workshop on the Impact of China’s 2030/2060 targets on Jiangsu Province

On 3 December 2021, together with Yangtze River Delta Carbon Neutrality Strategy and Development Institute, GIZ’s Jiangsu Project organized a vibrant workshop on the Impact of China’s 2030/2060 targets in Jiangsu Province.  Prof Ute KARL from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) presented the European & German Hydrogen Roadmaps, Prof Frank SCHULTMANN delivered a thematic presentation on a Carbon Neutral Path for European Process Industries, Mr CHEN Yuehua from the Jiangsu Ecology and Environment Department (JDDE) introduced the latest progress on the carbon peaking and neutrality goals in Jiangsu Province, and Prof WANG Peihong from Southeast University delivered a speech on the Carbon Peaking and Neutrality Approaches of Nanjing City. During the discussion session afterwards, experts from both countries carried out intensive discussion on hydrogen technologies and its economic benefits, the progress of carbon trading in China, price setting mechanisms, the special funds on carbon 30/60 goals, and other topics.

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