The National Energy Committee held its fourth session on 11 October 2019. Chaired by Prime Minister LI Keqiang, the announcements and decisions of this body carry great weight and communicate the political priorities for the following years. As such, these decisions will probably be reflected in the forthcoming 14th Five-Year Plan.

The Committee asserted that supply security is a strategic task for China. The energy generation structure is to be diversified, domestic oil and gas production and storage capacities are to be expanded and the continued development of renewable energy is to be safeguarded. The Committee also stated its intention to support ‘clean and efficient’ coal power.

The expected stronger emphasis of China’s energy policy on supply security is thought to be a result of increased dependence on imported fossil fuels and the ongoing trade conflict with the USA. Since the Committee made no concrete statement regarding future development goals for renewable energy, it remains to be seen which goals will be announced in the 14th Five Year Plan.