Since November, the MEE consecutively released draft versions of the trial administrative measures as well as supplementary guidelines (registration, trading & clearing, allocation plan, monitoring & reporting, and verification) for China’s national ETS and called for public comments.

On November 02nd, November 20th, December 04th and December 16th, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) issued the “(Trial) Administrative Measures” (draft for public comments), “(Trial) National Registration and Trading and Clearing Management Measures” (draft for public comments), “2019-2020 cap setting and allowances allocation of China’s national ETS” (draft for public comments), “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting Methods and Reporting Guidelines for Power Generation Facilities” (draft for public comments) and “(Trial) Greenhouse Gas Verification Guidelines” (draft for public comments).

The infrastructure construction for China’s national ETS progressed intensely and now provides a solid foundation for the upcoming operation.

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