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Shandong province releases 14th five-year climate change plan

The press conference held on April 07, 2022, by the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office was led by Mr. DING Shaomin, Director of the Second Press Division of the Provincial Party Committee. The representatives introduced the main points of the provincial climate change five-year plan (FYP) and invited questions from guests. 

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The strategy deals with Shandong’s near- and medium-term efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. By 2025, Shandong aiMs. to promote contributions to climate change mitigation primarily through carbon intensity reduction, with the help of policy governance capacity building, and “control” of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Specifically, the FYP details seven key tasks referring to climate mitigation and adaptation: 1) to promote the peaking of carbon emissions and a low-carbon development of the industry, 2) to improve climate resilience of nature, the economy and livelihoods, 3) to promote scientific and technological innovation in response to climate change, 4) to carry out low-carbon pilots, 5) to support the role of the carbon trading market, 6) to promote public awareness and 7) to strengthen the climate governance system and capacity building

In the energy sector, the plan describes the expansion of wind and photovoltaic plants. According to the plan, a central project is the construction of an offshore wind farm with a production capacity of 10 GW. Overall, Shandong aiMs. to double its power generation from renewable energies by 2025 compared to 2020 (increase to 19% in the power mix). 

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