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Workshop on Carbon Neutrality Roadmap for Photovoltaic Industry Chain in Jiangsu Province

Photo Credit: GIZ

To support the national goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and to promote the green and low carbon high quality development of the photovoltaic industry in Jiangsu Province, the Credit Builder Certification Wuxi (CBC) together with the China Photovoltaic Verification and Testing Center (CPVT) held a Workshop on the Carbon Neutrality Roadmap for Photovoltaic Industry Chain in Jiangsu Province on 09 June 2021 in Wuxi city.

The workshop discussed technologic possibilities for approaches to carbon neutrality for the Jiangsu photovoltaic industry in the context of national goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. The international cooperation project ‘“Research on Life-cycle Carbon Reduction of Photovoltaic Industrial Chain and Promoting Systematic Recycling in Jiangsu Province”, which is supported by the GIZ and will be implemented by CBC was officially launched at this workshop.

The photovoltaic industry is suitable industry for China to take a leading role globally. Jiangsu is not only an important region for photovoltaic applications, but also an important manufacturing area for photovoltaic production. The research on the life cycle carbon emissions of the photovoltaic industry chain and the promotion of emission reduction through cascade utilization and dismantling and recycling of waste in the photovoltaic industry are of great significance not only for the low-carbon green development of Jiangsu and for the contribution to early peak of CO2, but also for the low-carbon green development of the global photovoltaic industry. For this workshop, CBC will calculate the carbon emissions from transportation, accommodation, catering, wastes treatment, etc. and will purchase CCER to offset the GHG emissions arisen from this workshop to make the workshop carbon neutral.

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