China-EU Expert Dialogue on Climate Risks, Impacts and Adaptation: Dialogue 3 – Economic assessment of impacts and risk management

Mar 16, 2021

Photo Credit: GIZ On March 16, 2021 the Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA) held an Expert Dialogue on “Economic assessment of impacts and risk management” in Beijing. This Expert Dialogue was the third in a series of workshops along the themes of “Climate Risks, Impacts and Adaptation”. The workshop was […]

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Newsletter on “Climate Risk and Resilience in China (CRR) – Training Webinars on ICMA, ECA, and CLIMADA” Webinar Training

Oct 1, 2020Jan 31, 2021

The Climate Risk and Resilience (CRR) project aims to empower local pilot cities with an Integrated Climate Risk Management (ICRM) framework and an Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) approach to identify and assess climate hazards, exposures, and vulnerabilities. The project ensures knowledge transfer and experience sharing among adaptation and city resilience projects, similar studies, international […]

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The Fashion Industry Green Forum & CbD 2020 Award Ceremony

Nov 17, 2020

On November 17, 2020, with the support from GIZ, Aii hosted the Fashion Industry Green Forum & 2020 CbD Award Ceremony. It was the first time that the CbD award event was held online. There were 71 attendees in total, including 37 representatives from 23 suppliers (manufacturers, traders), 22 representatives from 12 global brands and […]

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Curriculum of Climate Change Education on Primary and Secondary Schools

This curriculum was developed based on Germany’s experiences in climate change and social practice activities for primary and secondary school students. The curriculum contents will systematically sort out and introduce the basic knowledge of climate change and the actions and measures to cope with climate change, including the mechanism of climate change, climate change impact and extreme climate events, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, climate change, and daily life, etc. The curriculum also suggested social practice activities based on Germany’s experience.


GIZ Training Course: Climate Protection Planning and Management-Cities Addressing Climate Change

Nov 17, 2020

On November 17th, 2020, the first class of the training course “Climate Protection Planning Management-Urban Response to Climate Change” was held at the Nanjing Tech University (NTU). This training was commissioned by the GIZ Project “Support Jiangsu Low-Carbon Development” to be developed by the School of Urban Planning, NTU. The first class was taught by […]

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Final approval status meeting held for research results of “Plus Energy Building and Community Research”

Nov 7, 2020

Photo Credit: GIZ On November 7th, 2020, the final approval status meeting for the GIZ Project “Plus Energy Building and Community Development Research” was held in Shanghai. Ms. Hu Qiying, director of Jiangsu Low-Carbon Development Project, Mr. Hu Ning, technical advisor, and Mr. Liu Tong, director of the Sino-German Urbanization Partnership Project attended the meeting. […]

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Workshop on Mobility-as-a-Service MaaS

Dec 10, 2020

Photo Credit: GIZ Mobility-as-a-Service MaaS is taking up momentum in China. The seamless integration of public transport and new mobility services such as ride-hailing or smart bike-sharing is high on the agenda of policy-makers in China and seen as an important key to make transport – accounting for about 11 percent of China’s total CO2 […]

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