2020 IKI Interface Workshop China

Oct 22, 2020Oct 23, 2020

Introduction On October 22 and 23, the Sino-German Climate Partnership hosted the 2020 International Climate Initiative (IKI) Interface Workshop China on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). Conducted entirely virtually due to travel restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, some 60 experts and officials from various implementing agencies […]

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IKI Update Issue 7

IKI Update Issue 7 - April-July


IKI Update Issue 8

IKI Update Issue 8 - August-October


China-EU Expert Dialogue on Climate Risks, Impacts and Adaptation

Oct 28, 2020

On October 28, 2020 the Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA) held an Expert Dialogue on “Climate Scenarios and Extreme Events” in Beijing. This Expert Dialogue was the first in a series of workshops along the themes of “Climate Risks, Impacts and Adaptation” taking place until the first quarter of next […]

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Darstellung des deutschen Energiestatistiksystems

When people think about the energy transition, few would think about energy statistical systems. However, in their relevance they are far from being niche topics. After all, appraising the status quo or progress on targets, making forecasts, planning a low-carbon energy system and designing policies all rely on a broad and reliable basis of data on the energy system. Hence, a sophisticated energy statistics system is a crucial enabler of the energy transition. In order to promote the exchange of energy statistics between China and Germany, the Sino-German Climate Partnership commissioned Dr. Hans-Joachim Ziesing, former head of the German “Working Group on Energy Balances” and a renowned German expert on energy statistics, to summarize the German energy statistics system. The focus of the report and the workshop was on introducing the German energy statistics system in a comprehensive way, including the process of compiling and harmonizing data, methodological questions, involved actors, and the sequence of steps from collecting data up to the publication of the official statistics. The paper also described how the “Working Group on Energy Balances” functions, which is a central actor in coordinating other actors and compiling the official statistics. The report is only available in Chinese and German


Guidelines on Starting Waste Segregation in the Office Area

Echoing the trend of compulsory waste segregation in Beijing, IWM NSP Project piloted waste segregation at the GIZ Beijing Office for four weeks (June 1 to June 28), collecting and weighing all the waste generated in the office, recording and analyzing all the statistics during the period. Based on existing experiences and collected data, the Guideline will offer an insight on how to start and scale-up waste segregation in the office area.


China Electricity Supply and Demand Report calls for coal expansion despite repeated decline in plant utilization rates

In July, the State Grid Energy Research Institute published its China Electricity Supply and Demand Report 2020. While the first quarter saw a sharp decline in consumption due to COVID-19, a rise in consumption by 1.5-3.5 percent compared to 2019 is expected by the end of 2020. It expects an installed wind capacity of 250 […]

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Grid companies announce bonds to alleviate shortages in feed-in tariff fund

China’s two grid companies (State Grid and Southern Grid) have announced RMB 140bn in special bonds to narrow the funding gap for renewable subsidies. Even as the Chinese government gradually phases out renewable energy subsidies, the available funds for paying out subsidies continue to run a deficit that is projected to reach RMB 300bn by […]

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Research Report on the Effect of Total Energy Consumption Control on Transformation and Upgrading and Related Measures

The Jiangsu Engineering Consulting Center has concluded a thematic study on the “Effect of Total Energy Consumption Control on Transformation and Upgrading and Related Measures”. Thus far, the consultant has worked out four reports which are currently only available in Chinese: “Effect of total energy consumption control on economic and social transformation and upgrading”; “Retrospective analysis and forecast of energy consumption in Jiangsu Province”; “Research on the primary task of Jiangsu Province in total energy consumption control”; “Research on the policy system of Jiangsu Province in total energy consumption control”. Furthermore, key measures for total energy consumption control, such as policy and economic requirements, have been introduced throughout the thematic study. According to the study speeding up the transformation of the economic development model has become the main task in the next ten years. In Chinese Only

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