San Francisco: Action Plan to Adapt to Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise has become an emerging climate disaster. In order to reduce the risk of inundation caused by sea level rise in the future, coastal areas need to take early response and adaptation measures. This case describes how San Francisco responds to and adapts to sea level rise. The action plan first analyzes the possible scenarios of current and future sea level rise, sensitive areas and property types, and potential economic losses; secondly, it introduces the measures that have been taken and potential response measures; thirdly, it introduces the coordination and participation of various stakeholders and the financing mode of the project implementation plan; finally, it introduces the characteristics of San Francisco's action plan to respond to and adapt to sea level rise and the experience that can be used for reference.


Climate Risk and Resilience

Project country

The CRR project aims to enhance climate resilience of China’s urban centers and their rural surroundings in order to reduce human and economic losses. The project will empower local pilot cities with an ICRM approach to identify climate hazards, exposures, and vulnerabilities. Based on the risk analysis, the Chinese government can analyze occurrence probability, frequency, and severity due to climate change; localize asset geographic locations and values; and quantify the economic losses. Incorporating comprehensive socioeconomic impacts, local governments are enabled to apply climate adaptive, risk-informed measures to protect assets, businesses, and individuals.