Sanya: Addressing the Risks of Climate Change – Typhoons and Heavy Rains

Sanya, Hainan Province, is located in a tropical maritime monsoon climate zone, with abundant rainfall and good overall permeability. With the rapid expansion of the city and relatively extensive management, Sanya's urban ecology has been severely damaged, and many problems such as poor urban drainage, water logging during typhoon season, and deterioration of the water environment have gradually emerged, affecting Sanya's image as an excellent tourist city. Sanya City takes the improvement of the ecological environment as a goal. After more than three years of sponge pilot construction, the quality of the water environment has been greatly improved, and the city's ability to deal with typhoon and heavy rainfall has been significantly enhanced.


Climate Risk and Resilience

Project country

The CRR project aims to enhance climate resilience of China’s urban centers and their rural surroundings in order to reduce human and economic losses. The project will empower local pilot cities with an ICRM approach to identify climate hazards, exposures, and vulnerabilities. Based on the risk analysis, the Chinese government can analyze occurrence probability, frequency, and severity due to climate change; localize asset geographic locations and values; and quantify the economic losses. Incorporating comprehensive socioeconomic impacts, local governments are enabled to apply climate adaptive, risk-informed measures to protect assets, businesses, and individuals.